Refractory Installation


Reintjes Services, Inc.'s insistence on quality and craftsmanship over the years in the installation of refractory material will reduce maintenance expenditures, conserve energy, and reduce your production cost.

Each pyro-processing industry presents its own particular refractory installation challenges. New installations, major maintenance shutdowns and minor repairs are handled from any one of the Reintjes Services, Inc. field offices.

Our project managers will put together the equipment, manpower and supervisory personnel with the skills necessary to handle your refractory installation problem.

When specialized skills are required, Reintjes Services, Inc. calls on their nationwide network of experienced people. Our field supervision complete projects on time and within budget using computerized estimating, scheduling, and cost analysis.

The Reintjes Services, Inc. refractory installation system provides a cost effective product to a wide range of process industries.

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