Corrosion Resistant Lining Installation

The control of corrosion through chemical-resistant masonry using the Reintjes Services, Inc. system insures the long life of your application and greater production between needed repairs. Our masonry linings add complete stability to prevent corrosion of vessels. The Reintjes Services, Inc. corrosion protection systems were perfected for use in the refinery, petrochemical, and the paper industries. With the advent of many new uses for chemicals, acids, caustics, and solvents, its potential use has expanded to many new industries. Reintjes Services, Inc. is an authorized applicator of Ucrete, a polyurethane concrete from Degussa. Ucrete has many productive uses in the food, pulp and paper and chemical industries.

The installation of chemical-resistant masonry requires knowledge and experience far beyond the mere application of masonry products.

What does the Reintjes Services, Inc. chemical resistant corrosion masonry service have to offer its clients in protection of their steel and concrete vessels? A total repair or retrofit package with a warranty of client satisfaction.

With Reintjes Services, Inc., you can be confident you are doing business with the best.